nueoi (n-wEH) :

to nurture, to feed, to adopt;
the past tense of
stone fruit

nueoi is a small press
based in los angeles, ca.




Phonetic Asterisms explores the overlap between experimental poetics and experimental music.
Dj Star nails is a poet & editor based in Los Angeles.

This is the second installation of Phonetic Asterisms, which aired on 

Featuring music (and) poetry by:

Persona (1966) Opening Scene
Edge - Lucrecia Dalton
One More - Yaeji (Object Blue Remix)
îË |I O Æ B - Michael Speers
Giulia Bencivenga reading The Adjective That Claims Me
from CUD (
Mimetic - Oli XL
Ying Yang Self Meditation - Charlotte Adigéry
Tocame El Culo - Rebe
No Juegues - Tei Shi
My Future - Loraine James
Tan Lin reads from Seven Controlled Vocabularies Obituary 2004 The Joy Of Cooking (
as long as ropes unravel fake rolex will travel - Dean Blunt
Champagne - Easter  (Luke Abbott Remix)
Gate At The End - Public Memory
Open / Ouvre - Felicia Atkinson
You're Wanting It To Go This Way - Jonnine
Do The Right Thing - Bella Boo
Echoes Remain Forever - Anne Clark
Stupid - Caught Feelings

This set made for Montez Press Radio as part of the LA Art Book Fair in 2019.

Featuring music/ (and) & poetry by:

Jenny Hval - Is There Anything On Me That Doesn't Speak
Holly Herndon & Jlin (Feat. Spawn) - Godmother
Solange - Can I Hold the Mic (Interlude)
ODWALLA1221 - Tell My
Eartheater - Not Worried
Kayla Ephros (ft. Musical Tracing Ensemble) - Land Of My Dreams
L Twills - Freedom Fiction (DEMO)
Jennif(f)er Tamayo - Part 1 (
Chloe Tsolakoglou - Yearn
Manuel D. Lira - dios es fantasma