Justice Thelot  
As tech companies cement themselves further as private ‘public’ infrastructure, and as the divide between work and leisure diminishes,  the digital-quotidian takes place.  Stonemilker, the debut poetry collection by Justice Thelot, navigates the contemporary landscape and privatized utopias presented to us with a loveless grief...
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2022, Poetry,

b-sides: loose translations

    Kayla Ephros

In Today’s ambiences, it becomes difficult to discern the difference between a phone and a garden... but easy to adopt the language of sms desire. In b-sides: loose translations, Being is filtered through elusive reference points of time-experienced: dreams, heirlooms, windows, water-damaged screens...
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2021, Poetry, Translation, Spanish


    Giulia Bencivenga

CUD is a poetry collection in four stomachs.

Framed primarily by a rumination on language as a medium, Giulia Bencivenga takes pleasure in transgressing its limitations. To Bencivenga, language is a tool to mediate desire...
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2020, Poetry,


    Chloe Tsolakoglou

Written while visiting Greece this past summer, Chloe Tsolakoglou’s OIKOS signals to the eros of the quotidian & violences of the state, while contesting the linguistic entanglement of the family, the extension of property, and the question of home.
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2020, Poetry, Photography, Greek

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to nurture, to feed; the past tense of stone fruit.