10:45:08 by Luis Motta

“Nothing in existence is alien to Motherhood.

A photograph, a child, his mother, concrete, the moon.

The universe is dilating: a camera taking a picture of itself. Your mother’s anus is a star. 

The daily repression of our smallness that must occur for us to  go on living is another word for shame. Every word was once a picture. God is simple and so are we. Do we have anything like a map of the territory here? Where one thing ends, and another begins? Softness is a texture, but also its absence. The surface of the moon is a story you must touch to understand. ‘Time is material.’ 


The artist is an archaeologist: of family, of feeling, of himself, of the cosmos, an archaeologist of time itself. Archae meaning primitive, which is not to say early, or uncivilized, but Originary, or to say I am.

Take your mother’s medical scan from the doctor’s office photocopy machine (a ready-made and a wish), a fact turned into something like a fiction. There are truths we understand, and there are truths we acknowledge, and the two belong together as life belongs to death. All meaning comes from the outside. Everything good is surely not within me. The world contains us in every one of its atoms.

The unknown, the invisible, the infinite, is simply what falls outside our perceptual universe, what our thought does not allow us to think, for now. The night sky is a good enough mirror. Only sometimes we notice we exist. They say outer space is silent, but our world is silent too, only it’s broken. Now is the entryway to Heaven. Step into stillness, speak with conviction.

- Chase Niesner

Luis Motta is a photographer and filmmaker born and based in Los Angeles. He fabricates worlds, objects, and narratives based on personal experience with family, promises, and God. Luis recently discovered a planet but is having trouble with NASA acknowledging it.

June 2023
Language: English