Phanto by Mayah Monet Lovell


“With Phanto, Mayah Lovell exposes the spectre of ancestry through the fecund language of heartbreak. Via encyclopedic golden threads, Lovell allows the physical grotesque to sow beauty and disrupt the brokenness of cultural dysmorphia. Imbued with references to the Black queer literary canon, Lovell stuns us with the sanctity of her cyber-diaspora and the stars. This deft exploration of collective and individualized memory is the literary embodiment of the exclamation points which Lovell so sensually employs”
  - L Scully (author of Fuck Me: A Memoir)


Mayah Lovell is a Black lesbian latinx from suburban-area D.C. Her artistry roots in Caribbean transcendence beside Black queer ancestors and awakens by practice in fantasy, neo-erotica, and ritualism. She is a first-generation descendant of Caribbean servitude–her matriarchal lineage is birthed in “Canal Zone,” originally Rainbow City, Panamá by way of Barbados; and her patriarchal lineage is birthed in Kingston, Jamaica. It is in Caribbean knowledge where she learned the wisdom of redemption, abolition, and survival in spirituality.

Some of her writing lives in Peach Fuzz Mag, Coven Poetry, Stone of Madness Press,  and Hermetic State, where she created Black lesbian anthology, dykes day, a holigay.

August 2023
Language: English