2424 by Valentino Velez

Seeing angel number 24 should be a feeling of relief and celebration because this powerful number is a symbol of dreams achieved.  (angelnumbersmeaning.com)

What would be a life withouth dreams?
What are your deepest desires?

2424, the debut poetry collection by Valentino Velez, is a loving chronicle on dissolutions and desires, heartbreak and rebirth, all hued with shades of green, because 'words said in love are green and lush..'

Valentino is ‘riding the bull called life, called testosterone, called falling in love, called rebirth...' and they're just trying to be unafraid.

With a foreward by Sean Chamberlain.

Valentino Velez,
used to be a funny man in L.A.
now they are a funny man in Oakland.

They are a lover of women and fine wines, to this day.


November 2020
Language: English